The Puzzle

One thousand pieces. As if we could be reduced to one thousand pieces. Contemplation of Beauty, pure lines, made of light and water. “Another World beyond The Silver Line” is my Holy Trinity. The moment of my life when everything changed … I was from that moment cursed with Beauty. It became an obsession, a goal, a purpose, a path to follow.

Our heart can be broken into one thousand pieces yet we survive, we move on, further … always further. Lost in the middle of nowhere, it was the Heart of the Northern Atlantic Ocean “Another World Beyond the Silver Line” became to me like a minimalist aesthetic Gospel containing a form of Truth. A Truth that simply can’t be explained only experienced. Drifting toward that inevitable point somewhere on the horizon. A place we don’t know but a place we know somehow deep inside we will reach one day.

Is it the end of the journey or only the beginning ? Patience and Time is what it takes. Meanwhile it will give you some meditative fun building and unbuilding this other world until you finally reach your final destination. It is up to you to decide if you feel better with it inside a box scrambled or unscrambled on a table. Freedom in the end is the Absolute we all are seeking, The Essence of Beauty allowing us to feel the true Nature of ourselves.

It was April, 29th 2008.

Limited edition of 100. Size 68 by 44 cm. 1000 pieces

Certificate of Authenticity. A piece is signed and numerated. One edition only.

“Another World beyond The Silver Line” exist as a serie of 3 pictures, All of them are unique prints with one artist proof.

The Puzzle
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